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In nearly every instance the material composing the sketches was gathered from those immediately interested, and then submitted in typewritten form for cor- rection and revision. He took up government land there and also engaged in merchandising and lumbering to some extent.The volume, which is one of generous amplitude, is placed in the hands of the public with the belief that it will be found a valuable addition to the library, as well as an invaluable contribution to the historical literature of the Upper Lake Region. INDEX PAGE Adams, George W 70 Adams, James G 272 Agen, Hon. 358 Anderson, Andrew A 408 Anderson, Anton M 222 Anderson, Carl 361 Anderson, Charles E 451 Anderson, J. In 1856 he be- came one of the pioneers of Chippewa Falls, where he did considerable logging and oper- ated a sawmill for some years. The posterity of this worthy couple also includes fourteen living grand- children. Waterman spent most of his boyhood at Chippewa Falls, where he became associated with his father in the hotel and afterward carried on the same in conjunction with his brother. He was promi- nently identified with the Congregational church for the greater part of his life and had a useful and exemplary career. Thence in 1857 he went to Minneapolis, where he spent about two years and attended Excelsior Academy (then just opened) for one term. During the last forty years of his life he was afflicted with blindness, but bore his trials cheerfully. He attended the public schools of his native State and went with the family to Michigan.

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234 Bekken, Edward 441 Bell, Currie G 352 Bell, Merton J 60 Bell, Capt. After the fall of Atlanta the regiment hecame a part of Sher- man's army, taking part in the famous march to the sea and the subsequent campaign through the Carolinas.

,.'n; U;i •';■;■ ill - )\ hn ^' b W^t W^^'^W't' Digitized by the Internet Arciiive in 2007 witii funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation littp:// OOjlibe (^OTn-nnev^AD . This merlium, then, serves more than a single purpose; while it perpetuates biography and family genealogy, it records history, much of which would be preserved in no other way. William B 521 Armitage, Thomas D 477 Armstrong, James L 299 Armstrong, Montague 543 Armstrong, Thomas 542 Arnold, Elmer H 265 Arnold. In 1842 the latter went to Illinois, whither he removed his family the following year, settling in Mc Henry county.

-^N \J* COMMEMORATIVE BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF THE UPPER LAKE REGION CONTAINING BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF PROMINENT AND REPRESENTATIVE CITIZENS AND MANY OF THE EARLY SETTLED FAMILIES ILLUSTRATED J. In presenting the Commemorative Biographical Record to its patrons, the pub- lishers have to acknowledge, with gratitude, the encouragement and support their enter- prise has recei\-ed, and the willing assistance rendered in enabling them to surmount the many unforeseen obstacles to be met with in the production of a work of this character. Four years later he came to Wisconsin, locating in Winnebago county about the time that the first house was built in Oshkosh.

Marie S 548 Baxter, Thomas W 551 Beaudoin, Magloire 335 Beckwith, Capt. He lived there until 1 89 1, when he located in Duluth, which has since been his home. Marcus 1*"., a well known business man of Duluth, and two daughters, Mabel and -Mary.

Joseph 251 Barry, Mahlon P 172 Barry, Michael 26 Bartlett, John E 30S Barton, Alonzo J 184 PAGE Barton, Willard L 185 Bates, Marcus W 8 Bates, Mrs. It may indeed be said that no man in the service more truly deserved the honors ac- corded him. Bates engaged in the insurance business at Grand Rapids, Mich., and also organized the Grand Rapids Savings Bank, of which he was cashier for fi\-e years.


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