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Validating xml sax

This resolver is set through the You can find the source for this article here (note that associated tests use a custom security policy file to prevent network access, and if you want to test directly inside your IDE, you should reuse the system properties used inside the POM). It contains a reference to an XSD file, which you will also need to copy from below or download and enter into the webpage (in a second step, when you are prompted for it) to see the validation results. URL; public class Validate Xml Against Xsd package com.jdom; import org.jdom2. The IXMLFile interface allows you to work with XML files or XML represented in memory buffers.The memory buffer is represented by IXMLFile IOBuffer.This means that the user have to implement that interface supplying the memory and pass pointer to the IXMLFile:: Read Buffer or IXMLFile:: Write Buffer calls.

If no instance documents are supplied, the effect of the command is simply to check a schema for internal correctness.

Here filename specifies where the validation report should be written to on disk. The format of the validation report is defined in a schema which is available in the Supplies a list of source documents to be validated. The value is a list of filenames separated by semicolons.

It is also possible to specify the names of source documents as arguments without any preceding option flag; in this case shell wildcards can be used.

So a schema can be verified using the command: filenames is either a file name or a list of file names separated by semicolons; the files are OASIS XML catalogs used to define how public identifiers and system identifiers (URIs) used in a source document or schema are to be redirected, typically to resources available locally. performs DTD validation but treats the error as non-fatal if it fails.

Note that any external DTD is likely to be read even if not used for validation, because DTDs can contain definitions of entities.


  1. Free C or C++ XML Parser Libraries. SAX,DOM,Validating XML Parser Libraries. Gnome's XML parser library. It's the standard XML lib of the GNU folks.

  2. Java SAX tutorial shows how to use Java SAX API to read and validate XML documents.

  3. I did not test this approach, but something along these lines can help. The general idea is that SAX parser can validate against the XML schema, and we can use that.

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