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Updating our labels

I see that when I press ' ' right end of tabs on top (After Primary, Social, Promotions, Forums etc.) I see a list , in which the other tabs , which are visible are selected and the item in the list "Updates" is not selected.Thus you can ignore "Updates" label or you can even allow those emails to be in a separate tab by selecting this list item.This is done by typing "Not On Label" into the Label field.Before using Not On Label, please check for any catalog number or other markings that could associate a release with a particular label, or labels.I just received an E-mail with the word "receipt" in it, which means it got automatically applied with the label "Purchase related" according to one of my filters.When I went to remove the label, I noticed that the E-mail also had the label "Updates" on it, which doesn't make any sense to me.Note that these companies will probably appear on a release along with the Label (brand) 'EMI', which should be added separately.For smaller 'independent' labels and companies, such a variation is usually unintentional, so you can normally adjust the label name to match the existing Discogs entry.

For larger 'major' labels and companies, any difference may be significant, in terms of defining a separate branch, brand, or company.

These should be entered as on the release, unless there is proof that it is simply a variation for the exact same brand or company.

A number in parentheses should be used to differentiate labels, such as "Label Name", "Label Name (2)", "Label Name (3)" etc.

Main Window = gtk_window_new(GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL); //GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL = Has a titlebar and border, managed by the window manager.

//Get screen size int Screen Width; int Screen Height; Gdk Screen *screen = gtk_window_get_screen(GTK_WINDOW(Main Window)); Screen Width = gdk_screen_get_width(screen); // in pixels Screen Height = gdk_screen_get_height(screen); //Create a Fixed Container Gtk Widget *fixed; fixed = gtk_fixed_new(); gtk_widget_set_size_request(fixed, Screen Width, Screen Height); gtk_container_add(GTK_CONTAINER(Main Window), fixed); gtk_widget_show(fixed); //Add status label Gtk Widget *Status Label; Status Label = gtk_label_new(NULL); gtk_label_set_markup(GTK_LABEL(Status Label), " gtk_widget_set_size_request(lbl Status, 200, 0); //Set width of the label (so centre align will work) gtk_widget_set_halign(lbl Status, GTK_ALIGN_CENTER); gtk_fixed_put(GTK_FIXED(fixed), lbl Status, 396, 76); //x, y from top left You can safely used destroy on a widget that hasn't actually been displayed yet.


  1. Once you've labeled your plants, we highly recommend running our Verify Labels can carry out this process by following our steps to update plant counts in labels.

  2. SourceGuardian - leading php encoding, encryption, obfuscating and licensing software. What's happening in our world Label updating.

  3. I just received an E-mail with the word "receipt" in it, which means it got automatically applied with the label "Purchase related" according to one of my filters.

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