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Updating old bathroom cabinets chat for married and dating

Pros – Latex paint comes in a variety of finishes, so you can easily achieve the sheen level you want, simply by selecting that finish.Some people love a glossy finish (semi-gloss or high-gloss), and some prefer and satin or matte finish.– Latex also comes in an amazing variety of colors, so if you have colorful taste and want a bold statement on your kitchen cabinets, you may want to consider latex, as you can get it in almost any color, or even have a color mixed to match a specific color you’ve found in a fabric or other item.– A semi-gloss finish on cabinets will be easy to wipe clean and will not stain or hold onto grime as chalk painted cabinets may do Cons – Latex paint has a significantly longer dry time between coats.Most of the instructions we found stressed the importance of sanding and included primer and enough prep work to make me suddenly fond of light oak and fake wood paneling. I prepped my surfaces by wiping them clean, (I used diluted orange oil) and also lightly sanded the fake wood.

Like, set-an-object-on-it-for-a-day-and-it-will-pull-up-the-paint sticky. This is because the individual coats were not allowed to fully dry before applying another coat or a top coat.

When we bought our Winnie, she was full of old light oak cabinets and a lot of fake wood panelling. I’m not a big fan of light oak or fake wood paneling, so I urged Mark to paint the cabinets. I figured I’d need more than 2 cans since there are so many cabinets in our RV, but I wanted to test it out before I bought any extra.

As we were reading up on how to do this, we came across lots of advice. I contacted Giani and was thrilled to be able to test their cabinet paint out. We decided to remove the cabinet doors because we were going to update the hardware and hinges.

Clean the cabinets and hardware thoroughly, as any grease on the surface will interfere with the refinishing.

Fill any dents, chips, and nicks with wood putty, then sand own the putty once it’s dry to create a smooth surface.


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