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Updating bios for m2n32 sli deluxe

By: Sal Cangeloso Asus The release of AMD’s AM2 platform has left many consumers with mixed feelings.

While some are looking forward to the progression of AMD’s Athlon 64 line, there is much more to the platform than a new socket.

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That will allow you to get the old BIOS back if the update goes bad.Not only is DDR2 finally available for use with Athlon 64 processors but there are a new series of chipsets, a few new processors, and all the other good things which come along with the advancement of technology.This review will be looking at the flagship AM2 motherboard from Asus, the M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition.I downloaded the file from the Asus website and tried copying it to the flash drive but that doesn't really help..finds it but then just does nothing.This is the first time that I have updated a bios and I have a feeling that I am missing a step or something. Other info that might helpcurrent bios version: 0702 (I had a more updated one that came installed on the board when I got it but I had to flash from the CD that came with the board after trying to update it with the Asus Update program and having it fail on me, I guess that it fails often while validating)motherboard: Asus M2N-sli deluxecurrent cpu: AMD Athlon 5200 2.61 GHz.This scares me because when you read about this computer motherboard on the website, they claim that this has a special bios, and would not require a special boot floppy. modelmenu=1&model=1160&l1=3&l2=101&l3=0Under ASUS EZ Flash 2 . Yet EVERY person is claiming to build this special boot floppy.Could someone tell me how to successfully upgrade my bios. I would not even trust a BIOS update to run through Windows!! My Asus M2N-SLI-Deluxe motherboard has an EZ-Flash utility that can easily update the BIOS from a floppy (which I used), a flash drive (formatted in FAT16 or 32), or a CDR disc. Unzip the BIOS, then you can update the BIOS from USB stick, and I think you can still use a floppy as well (I havent had a floppy drive in any of my 'good' systems for years, and even the junkers I just disconnect the floppy). One of the nice things about Asus motherboards is the fact that they have several methods of updating the BIOS that are independent of the operating system you are using.Gigabyte motherboards (by the way as a comparison) only seem to have BIOS updates available as Windows files that would be problematic to use in linux. I've seen dual BIOS save a lot of trouble over the years (even when gigabyte motherboards werent anywhwere near as good as they are now I said the same thing). If I had read the directions it could all have happened in 20 minutes, including the download.First of all, you shouldn't be updating your BIOS unless there is a compelling reason to do so -- as you know for a FACT, that the BIOS update fixes some problem you're having.


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