The Adventures of Thelma Thumb was a series of animated segments on Sesame Street, dating at least to 1978, according to CTW archives.Designed to teach pre-science concepts, the series was produced by John Korty using his Lumage system, which utilized fabric cut-outs.You may notice a colorful building at the end of Rue des Filles du Calvaire at the top of the intersection.That’s the Cirque d’Hiver, an early 19-century circus still in use today by different visiting circus acts.

Some Parisians even insist on calling it But where is the Temple?The Church (now a national monument) is attractively clad in foliage and it's grand entrance is flanked with royal palm trees.The Church is located at the far west end of town, close to the statue of Christopher Columbus. He famously remarked that the land he had discovered was "the fairest that eyes had beheld" Christopher Columbus's discovery is remembered today with a statue of his likeness on the roundabout just West of town. However, in recent years, Ocho Rios has grown rapidly and eclipsed St. Jago de la Vega (now called Spanish Town) and the church was not completed. Columbus named the landing spot Santa Gloria and established the town of Seville as Jamaica's first capital city. Ann Parish, largely due to the town's extensive shipping facilities. However, shortly after construction began the capital of Jamaica was moved to St.In 1925, 5 acres of land belonging to the Seville Estate (including the original site of the Peter Martyr Church) were donated to the Catholic Church.The Lady of Perpetual Help Church was built on this site between 19, using the original stones from the Peter Martyr Church.Thelma's size allowed the segments to examine objects and places from a unique perspective.Also featured was Marcia's pet magpie, Cyrus, designed by Brian Narelle.Their impressive wealth and property eventually aroused the resentment of King Philip IV, who decided to get rid of this “state within a state”.The Knights of Templar were imprisoned in 1307, and their lands confiscated by the Crown.


  1. The Adventures of Thelma Thumb was a series of animated segments on Sesame Street, dating at least to 1978, according to CTW archives. Designed to

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  4. St. Ann's Bay, the capital of St. Ann Parish in Jamaica and birthplace of Marcus Garvey.

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