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”Her eyes filling with tears, she told her story: An office party after work, too many drinks, an ill-advised solo drive home, the unexpected DUI checkpoint, the ticket, the fine and the suspended license.During this talk, Alice finally got over her embarrassment enough to take an interest. “Well”, Alice said, “I can’t disagree about the spanking.” “Not to sound redundant” I asked, “but how can we help you?Moments later he stepped out of his trousers and stood in his white briefs looking at me expectantly.

Because it was impossible to list every possible offense, the agreement was updated from time to time.

“Why didn’t you simply call David to drive you home? ” “Simple” David said, “Help me spank June…tonight…now.” By now, I had guessed where this conversation was going, but the reality of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks. I asked June if she really understood what she was asking for.

A severe bare-bottom hairbrush spanking is a serious matter. She assured us that it had happened three of four times in the process of growing up and she knows quite well what it feels like. When she returned, Alice and I hefted the brush as June stood nervously before us, we agreed that it would do the job just fine. “Are you both absolutely sure this is what you want to happen? They both looked us directly in the eyes and nodded in the affirmative.“First of all David,” I asked, “how much do you know about our spankings and how long have you known?

We explained that the agreement forestalled most argument and that a spanking, once delivered, “sealed the deal” and ended the incident without further recriminations or punishments.

We told them that this system had worked fine for us over the decades, but we realized that many would consider it strange or old fashioned.


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