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Sexuality adult chat

Because of the social stigma involved with sex addiction, many individuals with this disorder are reluctant to admit their need for help, or to seek help in ways that might jeopardize them socially or personally.

However, sex addiction can be treated if the individual is willing to accept professional help.

According to Web MD, the therapeutic approaches used to treat impulse control disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are often applied to the treatment of sex addiction.

These approaches may include medication, individual therapy, support groups, 12-Step programming, trauma therapy, and other research-based modalities.

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Additional benefits of sex addiction support groups include providing a sober support network and encouraging the client to maintain a sense of accountability to others.Sex addiction treatment programs can intervene in the destructive progression of this disorder and help clients rebuild their lives on a foundation of integrity, self-worth, and trust.Like other positive, life-affirming behaviors — eating, exercising, and falling in love are similar examples — sex can become an addiction if the need for sexual gratification begins to take precedence over other needs, responsibilities, or values.A sexual encounter can trigger the release of dopamine, a brain chemical that generates feelings of elation, happiness, or contentment.These positive sensations encourage the individual to pursue sexual gratification again, ensuring that reproduction will occur and the species will continue.An article published in indicates that people with sex addiction often have a dual diagnosis, or a co-occurring disorder, that goes hand in hand with their hypersexual behavior.One study revealed the following statistics about sexual addiction: Sexual dysfunction, impulse control disorders, and personality disorders were also associated with higher than average rates of sex addiction.Substance abuse, in particular, is very common in individuals with sex addiction.Drugs or alcohol may be used to release inhibitions, to overcome feelings of shame and guilt, or to soothe feelings of depression.Hypersexual behavior poses serious risks to the individual, to the individual’s intimate partners, and to children or other close family members.Engaging in high-risk sexual activities can endanger the individual the following ways: Like other activities that are essential to the survival of the species, such as consuming food or seeking sources of warmth, sexual activity is reinforced by the brain’s natural reward pathway.


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