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Sep 11 0 5 not updating clients

Luckly since SQL Server 2005 with the advent of the OUTPUT clause, a much more elegant solution is available, and now MSDN recommends using the OUTPUT clause: Basically there are 3 parts of the puzzle you need to get right in order for this to work in a highly concurrent manner: 1) You need to dequeue atomically.

I would stay away from messing with locks in a table.

However, if there are multiple workers, each tries to get the row with ID=2.

Only the first will get the pessimistic lock, the rest will wait. What query/configuration would allow each worker client to get a different row each and work on them concurrently?

Base your update status on the Version and the primary key columns.

If the update fails then someone has already been there.


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  2. Brian Graf posted September 11, 2015. 0 Comments. You read it. Now you truly have no excuse not to ditch the c# client and move directly into the Web Client!

  3. Original Publication Date Nov 11, 2016. Updated Date Jun 09, 2018. F5 does not support third-party software, such as the client operating system or non-F5.

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