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Secured updating network systems Free america webcam chat online

First, in the Local Area Network (or LAN) setup part of the interface, set the router's IP address.You can change it to almost anything you want as long as the value of each dotted-decimal notation (the numbers separated by the dots in the IP address) is a number from 1 to 254.Using the default settings may help make the setup process easier, but it also makes your router more susceptible to unauthorized access.The two settings that you should change to keep your router safe are its default IP address and default log-in password. Well, as mentioned in part 5, these are the two pieces of information that let you access your router's Web interface and manage all of its settings.Make sure that this password is hard to guess and different from the password used for the Wi-Fi network mentioned above.

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Note that depending on the router, this password will be referred to in the Web interface as either the .Also, avoid making the router's IP address the same as the IP assigned to your modem by your Internet service provider, called the WAN (wide-area network) IP address.You can change the router's default log-in password via the Tools or Administration parts of the Web interface.The first step is easy; you just need to adjust the settings on your router once. Whenever you're online, you'll need to be prudent about your activities.Here are some router and network settings tips that will help keep your home network safe.If you were concerned after reading CNET's recent report that most home routers can be easily hacked, I don't blame you.The study did sound ominous, but the good news is that your network is likely far less susceptible than the report suggests.The exact Settings menu where you determine your password will vary as well.You also need to consider which industry security standards your router supports.Depending on the router, updating the firmware can take a few easy clicks, or you may have to first download the firmware and install it manually.Either way, though, the process should take just a few minutes.


  1. Home networking explained, part 6 Keep your network secure. CNET editor Dong Ngo offers a few. updating the firmware can take a few easy clicks.

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