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Always There: It takes a small medical emergency to show Elena just how far her familia will go to help her.

Favorite TV Shows: Elena of Avalor: Elena, Isabel, Naomi, Zuzo and Luna Favorite Episodes: Model sister, Island of Youth, Spellbound, Finders Leapers and First Day of Rule The Lion Guard: Fave characters: Jasiri, Kion, Kiara and Nala.

Set afterduring Mystic Force but makes no reference to it Kira moves to Florida with her daughter after a failed marriage. When her past comes out, will her new friends keep her secret? UPDATED Rocky has a thing for a certain yellow ranger. Companion piece to Saturday Night but you don’t have to read it to understand this story.

Unfortunately that thing has a dangerous side effect, at least for him. Kat finds a lost little girl in the park, that little girl is none other than Anaya Park, Adam’s daughter.

They ended up with Rocky's back hitting the pavement and Kim landing on top of his chest.

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COMPLETEHe came over, professed his love and left the following morning, claiming it was a mistake. Journey to Avalor: When Sofia meets Princess Elena, she’s in for an adventure of a lifetime!Elena of Avalor: More Important Than a Meeting: When Elena’s little sister unexpectedly finds herself in a life or death situation, how far will Elena go to make sure her beloved Isa pulls through?Two old friends are reunited, each with long stories that have drawn them back to Angel Grove. Tommy invites Hayley to spend Christmas with Jason, Kim, and himself after learning she won't be going homse for the holidays. The Ninja Zords have just won another battle for the rangers. Holiday humor and sneaky friends lead to their first kiss. Jason is on his way back from Geneva, and he decides to extend his layover in Florida and surprise Kim. Adam and Tanya have their hands full with their 14 yo twins and their 7 year old twins. Oneshot [Femslash]Part of my and Dagmar's five things that never happened fic game.Billy met and spent time with all of the first five female rangers but he never kissed a single one.Most of my interests haven’t changed, but they certainly have grown!While I’m still working on my TLM, Sofia the First and Aladdin stories, there are some new shows that have found their way into my heart in the past few years.So here are the five kisses that Billy never shared, ranging from angsty to sweet. The MMPRs meet on the anniversary of the day they became Rangers. Unfortunately, for both Tommy and his friends, they aren’t around when Tommy finds his hidden bottle of tequila.And they finally get the answer to the question they never asked. Tommy isn’t aloud to drink tequila, this is the reason why.


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