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Pueblo accommodating iol

Medicare Part B will pay for both lenses and frames, but only basic frames.

If you buy more expensive frames than the basic ones approved by Medicare, you'll have to pay out of pocket for the difference between the standard amount Medicare pays and the amount your frames actually cost.

As to the cataract article (Cataract expenses covered by Medicate), there is more information needed.

My eye specialist has told me if the patient wants more than the standard, medicare paid for intraocular lense, the different is paid by the patient.

Since medicare doesn't cover, the supplemental won't pay a dime.

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Still waiting on bills but from the supplemental insurance statement, it looks like the doctor charged 00 for standard procedure for Dad, one eye.

Medicare agreed to about 0 of that and the supplemental insurance agreed to about 0.

For both the surgery and the glasses, you have to pay a coinsurance amount, which is 20 percent of the amount Medicare approves for the surgical procedure and for the glasses and frames.

Before you choose new glasses after your surgery, make sure to let the doctor's or optometrist's office -- depending on which one you are ordering your glasses from -- know that you want the bill for your glasses sent to Medicare, and ask what frames they have that are fully covered by Medicare (not counting your 20 percent coinsurance amount).


  1. September 1986 - Download as PDF File.pdf, Text File.txt or read online.

  2. Does Medicare cover Cataract Surgery and implants? Find out about Medicare cataract surgery coverage and costs.

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