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Pro and cons of dating older men

He Doesn’t Play Games Forget the ‘three day rule’, the ‘ghosting’ and the ‘hot and cold treatment’ – the more mature man doesn’t need to play games.

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A disadvantage of dating an older guy is that he’s probably less flexible when it comes to change.

He’ll probably be open to the idea of settling down, but if he’s been married before, he might just want a companion.

The Risk of Him Acting Like A Father Figure Belittling, criticising, giving you a curfew, treating you like a child, telling you what to wear, how to behave, patronising you…these are just some of the things you could face if you date an older man that takes on the role of ‘father figure’.

Another pro of dating an older man is that he’ll have a presence that’s somewhat commanding.

When he walks into a room, he’s confident and he’s immediately got the respect of those around him.


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