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Of oil painting at bamyan in afghanistan predating european

The northern plains and valleys are home to Tajiks and Uzbeks. Kabul, south of the Hindu Kush, is linked by narrow passes to the northern plains.

Pashtuns inhabit the desert-dominated southern plateaus. In 1989 the nine-year Soviet occupation ended, and Muslim rebels toppled the communist regime in 1992, after which rival groups vied for power.

TOKYO - Buddhist images on the walls of central Afghanistan's Bamiyan caves are the world's first oil paintings, Japanese researcher Yoko Taniguchi says.

The murals were painted using a structured, multilayered technique reminiscent of early European methods, according to researcher Yoko Taniguchi of the Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation in Tokyo.

The painters first applied a white base layer of a lead compound.

Researchers hope to find even earlier examples by studying other Central Asian sites.

A mural from the Bamian cave Foladi 6 has been dated to the eighth century A. Its artists used an oil-based paint, scientists say, in an early example of mixing organic binding agents with pigments.


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