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Once you’re on the plane, cleanse your face with a cleansing balm and muslin, and pop on a sheet mask. Once you remove it, re-apply serums, oils and SPF again.Before you land, apply tinted moisturiser, mascara, blush, brightening eye shadow, a pop of pink lipstick, and apply dry shampoo throu-“ …The way Fijian people connected and interacted with our children was genuine and whole-hearted. No matter which part of the island we were on, no matter what time of day, the staff would swoop our baby out of our hands, and whisk her off for songs, cuddles and quiet flower gazing.Meanwhile, our preschooler knew everybody’s names, and they his, and every day was like that scene in a movie where the popular guy walks through the school and everyone serves up pistol fingers and high-fives.I have a pretty effective, simple philosophy of flight skin care.

I recommend LOTS of the bread, the salt and pepper veges, the potatoes, and DEFINITELY the cacio e pepe. Plus the décor is basically a ready-made Pinterest board) comes this ‘local’ wine bar.You’ve seen how much flights suck your face dry, right? To give your face (…and neck and chest because ) its’ best possible chance to retain moisture, apply a nourishing face oil and then a rich facial moisturiser the day you fly.Well the battle starts before you get to the airport. I slather myself in my own Go-To Face Hero and Very Useful Face Cream, obviously. That we can zing between two of the world’s best cities in a couple of hours feels wildly lucky to me. The chef, Carmine, is friendly and passionate; his pasta is exceptional.But at risk of breaking an unwritten parent code, And when you collect them, you’re revitalised, you’re excited to spend the afternoon with them swimming (three year-old) and eating sand (baby) and enjoying paradise (parents).You’ve had time to read a book, and relax, instead of Real Life, where any time the kids are out of the house, you’re working, or doing errands and household shit, so when you’re with the kids again, you’re buggered, and operating at 40 watts, and Just Doing Your Best To Get Through.(He cried in the shower at night because he wanted to go back to Kids Club RIGHT NOW, Both of our children relished their deity-like status, (how strange! Resorts in Fiji are READY-MADE for kids: this is not arriving to find one of the conference rooms housing a few balls and a cheap tent as the “kids zone.” This is purposeful, considered child-minding, and it’s a huge relief for parents.Because if your kids are thrilled to be finding crabs and building pirate ships all afternoon with a gang of other kids and some funny adults, and your high-energy baby is with a doting nanny and 1000 toys at kids club while you and your husband have a meal and a swim, then We travel for lots of reasons: to see the world, to make the kids resilient, to bookmark our lives, and to be present with each other and especially our rapidly-growing young children, which is hard in our big, busy life back home.Even though it’s not my local anymore, I still visit a bloody lot.A shared meal of (the best) salted flat bread and dip (in the country), simple pasta, roast chicken, fries and salad (and a Negroni, obviously) is unbeatable in this pig’s book.Finish off with a Martinez ( LAZERPIG, COLLINGWOOD Lazerpig is very casual and pub-like, only with open fires and disco balls and often, a DJ. I usually just eat breakfast again to teach it a lesson. You might think otherwise if you read This Article, titled ‘Skin care is a con.’ Someone on Twitter was yelling about it this morning, and since I’m in a conference today, while my fellow directors were talking about boring stuff, I read it.We take our three-year old here for dinners, and we all dance and eat pizza and drink wine. Look, it IS a Special Occasion place, and it IS a tasting menu so if you hate those (I studiously avoid, as a rule) maybe it’s not for you. I went for the vegetarian option and I not only didn’t feel sick at the end (a terrible and unfair appraisal of some outstanding food, but come on, most tasting menus are Too Much), I was satisfied and delighted. These days I only eat out properly about once a month, so I make it count. You’re a marvellous, clever sausage with fantastic taste in blogs. And then secretly wrote this blog while they went on about logistics and revenue and blah blah blah.


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