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– Nichkhun’s ideal type: “I like women who are good at what they do.It would be great to meet a woman with whom I could share deep thoughts concerning work and the future.” Taecyeon – He was born in Seoul, but later moved to Busan, South Korea.– He auditioned for JYP Entertainment in New York in order to be a model. – In 2013 Taecyeon joined global “We Got Married” and was paired with Taiwanese actress Emma Wu.– In 2010 he announced he gave up to his American visa, in order to be able to serve his military duties in Korea. – He acted in Korean dramas such as “Cinderella‘s Sister“ (2010), “Dream High” (2011), “99 days with the Superstar” (2011), “Who Are You” (2013), “Wonderful Days” (2014), “Assembly” (2015), “Let’s Fight, Ghost” (2016).– In July 2016, he released his 1st Korean album, “Mr. – In December 2016, he released his 3rd Japanese solo album, “No Shadow”, which also reached 1st on the Oricon daily album charts. Nichkhun – He was born in Rancho Cucamonga, California (his parents being ethnic Chinese, from Bangkok, Thailand).– In January 2017, Jun-K released his 2nd solo Korean album, “77-1X3-00”. – Family: Mother, father, an older brother (Nichan), two younger sisters – Nichthima (Yanin) and Nachjaree (Chereen) – His mother was born in Thailand to immigrant parents from China.– Then he studied Business Administration at Dankook University.– He is currently attending Korea University Graduate School of International Studies.

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– He was scouted by a JYP agent in Hollywood, California while he was attending the Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles.– After passing the auditions, he began his trainee period in 2006. – He speaks Thai, English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and basic French.– In 2009 he was the subject of enlisting and do his military service for Thailand, but he obtained an exception. – In 2011, he participated in the “We Got Married” show, where he was paired with f(x)’s Victoria.– His “Love & Hate” concert tour ranked in the top 10 best concerts in Japan in 2014, he being the only K-pop idol on the list.– In 2015 he released his 2nd solo Japanese album “Love Letter”, which quickly reached 1st on the Oricon daily album charts. K’s ideal type: He said he likes women who work and have a successful career.– In elementary school and high school he had received over 70 awards for essays and book reports. – In 2011, he released his first solo single “Alive“.– In 2012, he starred in the musical “The Three Musketeers” where he played the role of D’Artagnan.– Was accepted both into YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, but he chose JYP. – He‘s friends with G–Dragon and Tae Yang of BIGBANG.– Before he debuted, he won several song writing and poem contests. K speaks Korean, English, and conversational Japanese. – His hobbies are composing songs, fashion, collecting accessories and shoes.– Even if he’s considered a “beast idol”, when behind the scenes he often shows a lot of aegyo.– In January, 2017, Taecyeon released his 1st solo album.


  1. PM's Nichkhun and Girls Generation's Tiffany 're dating. 7 Things Nichkhun and Tiffany Hypothetically Do As Boyfriend and Girlfriend Fan edited pictures of Baekyeon.

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