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Among her guests: Denise Darcel with Gould Morrison, Debbie Smith with Jerry Bialac, and Dusty Miller with Joe Perrin.The same night, Fuller is night-clubbing with fellow actress Jody Lawrance but asks several friends to check on Joy's soiree.Other members of the class are Karen Dolin, Jeannie Said, Bobbie Adair, Marge Meade, Barbara Wiener, and Eileen O'Neill.Louella Parsons heralds that Joi's "abandoning her nightclub act to appear opposite George Hamilton in Project 22 for producer Stanley Todd and John Shelton.the press tells that "film executive Jerome Safron found himself in more judicial hot water today as the result of his ‘invalid’ Mexican marriage to model Joy Lansing.Safron's first wife had him found in contempt of court for non-payment of child support, and Superior Judge Mildred L.

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.: EXAMINING THE CLAIMS OF MORMONISM—Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the True Church?But when I saw her the next night at Stefanino's Joi was with Norman Bare..." Harrison Carroll's back to her: "Only a few weeks ago Joi Lansing told me that she had definitely decided to get the divorce from husband Stan Todd. She is survived by her husband, Stan Todd of Los Angeles; her parents, Mr. Carlton Wasmansdorff of Santa Paula; and a brother, Larry Loveland of Canoga Park, California. is buried at Santa Paula Cemetery, Plot 444, Section N. Joi had not seen Sinatra in years, but he sends flowers.But she and Stan acted lovey-dovey at Stefanino's..." she and Rachel are off to New York, where they stay for a year, first at a South Central Park hotel, then at Parc V, an apartment building owned by Joi's friend Herbie Palestine. Her brother and Bob Slatzer, her director in Bigfoot, are pallbearers.She says Todd owns 25 percent of her earnings as her manager, but "after our wedding Friday, he’ll own 125 percent of me." marries Stanley Laurence Todd at the home of a friend of hers in Beverly Hills. Todd's a successful clothing salesman and an excellent tennis player. attends dancing classes for charity, conducted by singer-dancer Eartha Kitt.They plan to honeymoon for ten days on a friend's yacht off the coast of Mexico. The proceeds from the classes are donated to the Syanon House, a non-profit organization in Santa Monica.Picture will be filmed in Egypt for international release.Before this, Joi guest stars on 'The Beverly Hillbillies' and 'Ozzie and Harriet' shows..." is scheduled to return to Manhattan after completing Marriage on the Rocks in California. He is an expert on the Maya, who inhabited the same part of Mexico and Central American where Mormon scholars say the events of the Book of Mormon took place. Mac Curdy professor emeritus of Anthropology at Yale University and curator emeritus of the Division of Anthropology at the school’s Peabody Museum of Natural History.files suit for divorce in superior court claiming Fuller stayed out all night gambling."When I asked him where he had been, he told me it was none of my business." She asks no alimony or community property division. she and Stan Todd, her finance manager, take out a marriage license in Los Angeles.


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