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Mcafee virus definition not updating

One correspondent says he just fixed over 300 PCs: "Looked so much like Blaster from way back. Moving clients to something with more centralized control ASAP." This issue affected a large number of users and is not resolved by simply replacing Unfortunately, using this method, you have no way to determine if some of the files you are restoring are vital system files or virus files.

You must boot to safe mode, then installl the extra.dat, then manually run the vscan console.

Unfortunately, though, this isn't the first time Mc Afee has had a screw-up like this.

Back in 2009, when the Conficker worm was making the rounds, I took a close look at how Mc Afee was handling its response to the new threat and was appalled at the sloppy, error-ridden documents they published for consumers and IT professionals.

Here's what I wrote at the time: Security is serious business, and details matter.

The symptoms are described, tersely, as "Blue screen or DCOM error, followed by shutdown messages after updating to the 5958 DAT on April 21, 2010." The faulty update has been removed from Mc Afee download servers for corporate users, preventing any further impact on those customers.It's the second major security headache for Intel in six months, following a widely publicized breach of its systems in China around New Year's.(Intel acknowledged the "Update: I'm beginning to hear directly from people who were affected by this coloassal screw-up.It hosts the services that make just about every OS function possible.As the symptoms described here suggest, Windows simply won't start if isn't there.Keeping virus signature files as current as possible is vital to the security of any system.The anti-virus software product must be configured to receive those updates automatically in order to afford the expected protection. At 6AM today, Mc Afee released an update to its antivirus definitions for corporate customers that had a slight problem.And by "slight problem," I mean the kind that renders a PC useless until tech support shows up to repair the damage manually.However, only particular configurations of these versions appear affected.The bad DAT file may infect individual workstations as well as workstations connected to a domain.


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