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People who work for the Peace Corps have a mandate to help various countries with things like getting clean drinking water.

A politician who believes in higher taxes and then gets elected considers that a mandate to raise taxes.

Law The specific directive issued by a reviewing court to a lower court, as in requiring the lower court to enter a new judgment or to conduct further proceedings consistent with the reviewing court's ruling.

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A: A health care employer may not use employee waivers of the protections afforded under Labor Law §167 or this Part as an alternative to compliance with such law or regulation.We consider on-call time as time spent working for purposes of determining whether a health care employer has required a nurse to work overtime.|top| Q: What is meant by “prescheduled on-call time”?A: If you believe that your employer mandated overtime in violation of the law, you can file a Mandatory Overtime Complaint form.Get an electronic version of the form here, or you may call (888) 4-NYSDOL or (518) 457-9000 to obtain a hard copy.A: On-call time must be prescheduled to be exempt from this law.A health care employer may not place an employee on call in a last-minute effort to cover an open shift.mandatus, past participle of mandare (“to commit to one's charge, order, command, commission, literally to put into one's hands”), from manus (“hand”) dare (“to put”). If the government gives schools a mandate to test more, then the schools had better give more tests.The New York State Department of Labor (NYS DOL) enforces this law. Here, “overtime” means work hours over and above the predetermined and regularly scheduled work hours a nurse has agreed to work. A: “Overtime” in this context is different from its usual meaning -- hours worked past forty in a given week.


  1. Define mandating. mandating synonyms, mandating pronunciation, mandating translation, English dictionary definition of mandating. n. 1. An authoritative.

  2. Nurse Mandatory Overtime Frequently Asked Questions. Prohibits health care employers from mandating overtime for nurses; Sets the conditions for.

  3. Recent arguments over whether certain public health interventions should be mandatory raise questions about what counts as a “mandate.” A mandate is not the.

  4. Mandate definition is - an authoritative command; especially a formal order from a superior court or official to an inferior one. How to use mandate in a sentence.

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  6. A mandate is an official command or a go-ahead. When a politician wins an election by a wide margin, that's a mandate to implement her ideas.

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