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Louis vito and chelsie hightower dating

Phillip Stephens is a professional ballroom dance judge and co-owner of The Dance Place in Houston.

Stephens and co-owner Michael Schedler usually watch the show together and when Schedler makes some comments that are highly insightful, Stepehens credits him since Shedler isn't posting reviews himself. He came alive in this one, putting lots of fun into every part of the routine.

Read the entire reviews at Learn To This season, reviews are available for weeks 6, 5 and 4 so far. His tricks were clean and spot on with a smile as big as Texas.

He should definitely get 28 points It really bothers me that the judges make such a big issue of a little stumble instead of recognizing how well the person has recovered. He did look nice and strong in this dance, but not polished enough. Judges made a bit much out of what he actually provided because his martial arts training should enable him to provide 3 or 4 times the refinement 9 9 8 = 26 First lift was effortless looking.

Latest News | Gallery | Icons | Video | Contestants | Twitter Accounts | Trivia | Links Michael and Anna and Mark and Lacey dance their final dance on The View Check your local listing for the time. The routine wasn't perfect, but he had hip action, bounce action, a lot of material and a crazy, gravity-defying flip. I can't wait to read Phillip Stephens' comments too.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy blogs on TVGuide.com: Here are his comments about Mark and Anna's dance: "I enjoyed Mark and Anna's routine. I only watched Dancing With the Stars because Mark was on the show - but silly me, I thought the judges were professionals.

TRIVIA Mark got to kiss beautiful actress Joan Chen in his first movie role in "Dim Sum" - sadly all of his scenes ended on the cutting room floor.

Mark now has 4.190, (up from 3.671) followers on Twitter Nice interview with Mark at The Asian Journal: Mark says it's harder being on DWTS than doing martial arts scenes with Jet Li (which he did in the movie "Cradle 2 the Grave". You can see difficulty in opportunity or see opportunity in difficulty." Mark Dacascos will be gracing Dining with the Chefs, one of Ayala Foundations charitable events, on November 7 in Los Angeles.

Week four - Mark training at home Mark and Lacey's Jitterbug starts at 2 minutes into the clip Mark dancing and smiling and doing butterfly twists in high heels - all while having a migraine! Natalie Coughlin and Maks were eliminated :-( Next week, it looks like it will be the jitterbug for Mark and Lacey - YAY!

But I've heard a little bird sing that Mark is going in Monday morning to be interviewed. Monday will also be the day we see the costume Mark designed for Lacey - possible with a little help from Randall Christensen.

Lacey had a touch of the flu, so Tony Dovolani stepped in to help teach Mark. Hmm - If Mark is dancing with Anna, I guess the costume might be cancelled ...


  1. Louie Vito & Chelsie Hightower - Argentine Tango Dancing With The Stars Season 9 Week 5 October 19, 2009 Song

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