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Future signer of the Declaration of Independence Button Gwinnett was born in England.

John Musgrove, an Indian trader who had helped translate for James Oglethorpe on his first meetings with the Indians, died near Savannah.

John Wesley and his brother Charles Wesley sailed from England for Georgia, Charles to serve as secretary to James Oglethorpe, while John was to be a minister to the Georgia colonists.

John Wesley’s time in Georgia was an unhappy one, as he wished to be a missionary to the Indians, plus he fell in love with a young woman who chose to marry another man.

An agreement was reached between the Lower Creek Indians and the Georgia colonists, containing “Articles of Friendship and Commerce between the Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America and the Chief Men of the nation of the Lower Creeks.” This was the first Treaty of Savannah; there would be another one later in the colonial period.

A group of German Salzburgers arrived in the colony of Georgia.

They were led by Pastor Johann Martin Boltzius, and established the settlement of Ebenezer.

In January of this year, George Whitefield sailed from England to replace John Wesley as minister to the Georgia colonists.None of the original settlers aboard the Anne were debtors, and few ever settled in Georgia.See This Day in Georgia History for February 1, 1733.A group of Moravian Church colonists arrived in Georgia.Alice Riley was hanged in Savannah for participating in a murder, making her the first woman to be executed in Georgia - here is a story of her “crime,” punishment, and how her ghost is reported to still haunt the place where she was hanged.James Oglethorpe and a party of settlers crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the ship Anne to begin settlement of the colony of Georgia.They first arrived off the coast of Carolina, then negotiated permission to settle from Yamacraw Chief Tomochichi.In December a group of Georgia settlers - who came to be known as “Malcontents” - petitioned the Georgia Trustees to allow slavery in the colony. The Georgia Trustees granted George Whitefield 500 acres of land for establishing an orphan house in Savannah.James Oglethorpe and Creek chiefs signed the Treaty of Coweta Town at Coweta on the Chattahoochee River.Georgia’s Trustees decided that the new colony’s first settlement would be located on the Savannah River and would be named Savannah.James Oglethorpe and 114 colonists departed England aboard the Anne.


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