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Gridview1rowupdatingobject sender gridviewupdateeventargs e

web apps or desktop apps can contain components created in either language.

Try converting it with: Thanks.what I was looking for .and c#i make a small website using vb.net, in it i make a 2 class in C# If I build a c# web app and someone builds a desktop app, can they communicate?

A Grid View Update Event Args object is passed to the event-handling method, which enables you to determine the index of the current row and to indicate that the update operation should be canceled.

To cancel the update operation, set the collections, if necessary, before the values are passed to the data source.

Now you can specify the columns that you want in your Grid View.

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You can find the textbox that is generated on edit event in the Row Updating event below and assign it to a string variable.

Then have a seperate function to update the values entered and finally call your Bind Grid() function which again binds the gridview..

NET and how to program in an OO manner thanks to your experience with Object to Object Initialization in C#Hi, I want to Initialization the the base class object to derived class object.

what exactly i m doing as follows; class class1 class class2 : class1 in the main function.


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  2. Void gridview1rowupdatingobject sender gridviewupdateeventargs e.

  3. Protected void grdKeywords_RowUpdatingobject sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e { GridViewRow row = GridViewRowgrdKeywords. Rowse. RowIndex;.

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