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The Greek has Sergei track the crewman down, interrogates him personally, and has Vondas kill him.

As the investigation continues, the police link Eton and Sergei to the drug smuggling operation.

When police begin tracking containers as they leave the port, the Greek and Vondas close down the operation temporarily by dumping their cell phones and stealing "clean" containers.

Persuading Sobotka to keep the smuggling operation going, the Greek buys further protection from Agent Koutris by betraying a load of Colombian cocaine, giving him time to destroy incriminating evidence in the warehouse and Glekas' store.

A quiet and unassuming man, the Greek prefers to keep a low profile, operating all of his business through his lieutenant Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos.

He attempts to buy Sobotka's silence with promised legal aid for his son, but when he learned from Koutris that Frank was planning to turn informant he had the union man killed.

Nick Sobotka, upon seeing the Greek identify himself, was amazed that the shadowy figure had been in plain sight the entire time.

Despite his calm demeanor, the Greek is cunning and ruthless, and only interested in facts that make him more money.

Series creator David Simon has said that the Greek is an embodiment of raw unencumbered capitalism.

Anyone interfering in this process is eliminated immediately, and he prefers to leave victims headless and handless to hinder identification.


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