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The City issued an apology and the head of the parks and recreation department explained to the media that the policy is "to let transgender people use whichever change room they identify with, and that in Remington’s case, a serious mistake was made." As unpopular as this fact has become, a man or boy who wishes to identify as a woman or girl, perhaps taking on stereotypically feminine body language, hairstyles, and clothing, is still male.He still has male sex organs, which means girls and women will continue to see him as a threat and feel uncomfortable with his presence in, say, change rooms.This all sounds positive, but there are some key issues that are being ignored as gender identity legislation and policies are being instituted across Canada.

We live in a time when women and girls are killed every day, across the globe, by men.

On Wednesday, the House of Commons voted by a margin of 248 to 40 to pass Bill C-16 at second reading.

If passed at the Senate, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code will be amended to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination.

Certainly those who step out of those roles are punished viciously, and that includes trans identified people.

But that problem is a social one, and the solution is not to reinforce sexist ideas about gender, but to push back against the idea of gender itself – that is to say, the idea that males and females have innate behaviours and preferences they are born with.


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