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Fpic liquidating distribution

- A approuvé le projet éducatif territorial et ses modalités de mises en œuvre.

- A arrêté les modalités de fonctionnement d’un marché estival à Grande-Rive, - A attribué une subvention de 1 000 euros à la MJC d’Evian, En fin de séance, le Conseil Municipal, - S’est vu rappeler qu’une réunion publique se tiendra le jeudi 25 juin et sera consacrée à la révision du PLU, - A remercié les organisateurs de la fête de la musique.

The governing body shall adopt a written instrument by rule, order, ordinance, or resolution stating that it has reviewed the investment policy and investment strategies and that the written instrument so adopted shall record any changes made to either the investment policy or investment strategies.(f) Each investing entity shall designate, by rule, order, ordinance, or resolution, as appropriate, one or more officers or employees of the state agency, local government, or investment pool as investment officer to be responsible for the investment of its funds consistent with the investment policy adopted by the entity. 3 (h) An officer or employee of a commission created under Chapter 391, Local Government Code, is ineligible to be designated as an investment officer under Subsection (f) for any investing entity other than for that commission.(i) An investment officer of an entity who has a personal business relationship with a business organization offering to engage in an investment transaction with the entity shall file a statement disclosing that personal business interest.

Each investment strategy must describe the investment objectives for the particular fund using the following priorities in order of importance:(1) understanding of the suitability of the investment to the financial requirements of the entity;(2) preservation and safety of principal;(3) liquidity;(4) marketability of the investment if the need arises to liquidate the investment before maturity;(5) diversification of the investment portfolio; and(6) yield.(e) The governing body of an investing entity shall review its investment policy and investment strategies not less than annually.

- A été convié à participer à différentes cérémonies (remise des prix du concours des maisons fleuries du 15 octobre à 19 heures en Mairie, 11 novembre…).

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(a) This subchapter does not apply to:(1) a public retirement system as defined by Section 802.001;(2) state funds invested as authorized by Section 404.024;(3) an institution of higher education having total endowments of at least 0 million in book value on September 1, 2017;(4) funds invested by the Veterans' Land Board as authorized by Chapter 161, 162, or 164, Natural Resources Code;(5) registry funds deposited with the county or district clerk under Chapter 117, Local Government Code; or(6) a deferred compensation plan that qualifies under either Section 401(k) or 457 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U. Authority granted to a person to invest an entity's funds is effective until rescinded by the investing entity, until the expiration of the officer's term or the termination of the person's employment by the investing entity, or if an investment management firm, until the expiration of the contract with the investing entity. 1 (h) An officer or employee of a commission created under Chapter 391, Local Government Code, is ineligible to be an investment officer for the commission under Subsection (f) if the officer or employee is an investment officer designated under Subsection (f) for another local government. A statement required under this subsection must be filed with the Texas Ethics Commission and the governing body of the entity. If the governing body of an investing entity has contracted with another investing entity to invest its funds, the investment officer of the other investing entity is considered to be the investment officer of the first investing entity for purposes of this chapter. An investment officer who is related within the second degree by affinity or consanguinity, as determined under Chapter 573, to an individual seeking to sell an investment to the investment officer's entity shall file a statement disclosing that relationship. En fin de séance, le Conseil Municipal, - S’est vu présenter l’enveloppe financière du projet de réhabilitation et de construction d’équipements publics sur le secteur de Milly dont les différentes tranches sont optionnelles et qui seront réalisées en fonction des capacités financières de la Commune.- A été informé de la pose de la première pierre du méthaniseur le 16 octobre prochain. A renewal or extension of the contract must be made by the governing body of the investing entity by order, ordinance, or resolution.(c) This chapter does not prohibit an investing entity or investment officer from using the entity's employees or the services of a contractor of the entity to aid the investment officer in the execution of the officer's duties under this chapter. (a) Each governing body of the following entities may purchase, sell, and invest its funds and funds under its control in investments authorized under this subchapter in compliance with investment policies approved by the governing body and according to the standard of care prescribed by Section 2256.006:(1) a local government;(2) a state agency;(3) a nonprofit corporation acting on behalf of a local government or a state agency; or(4) an investment pool acting on behalf of two or more local governments, state agencies, or a combination of those entities.(b) In the exercise of its powers under Subsection (a), the governing body of an investing entity may contract with an investment management firm registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (15 U. A contract made under authority of this subsection may not be for a term longer than two years. STATE AND LOCAL CONTRACTS AND FUND MANAGEMENTCHAPTER 2256. AUTHORIZED INVESTMENTS FOR GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIESSec. This chapter may be cited as the Public Funds Investment Act. Section 1 et seq.), as amended.(b) This subchapter does not apply to an investment donated to an investing entity for a particular purpose or under terms of use specified by the donor. A report under this subsection shall be prepared in a manner the state auditor prescribes.(o) The audit requirements of Subsection (n) do not apply to assets of a state agency that are invested by the comptroller under Section 404.024.


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