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Ellen degeneres dating portia

It was important to the couple to be legally married because, as De Generes explained on Oprah, "Anybody who's married knows that there is a difference. I'm going to be with her till the day I die and I know that." So, on August 16, 2008, the brides said "I do" in front of just 19 friends and family members at their Los Angeles home, both in custom Zac Posen designs.

Marriage "is not something we've ever taken for granted," de Rossi told In 2010, de Rossi officially changed her name to Portia Lee James De Generes.

Ellen’s ex-girlfriend Anne Heche left her for James Tupper after they dated for three years.

The TV host tied the knot with Portia on August 16, 2008 at their home in Los Angeles.

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“Ellen and Portia have been squabbling and drifting apart for some time.Originally, De Generes had planned on surprising de Rossi with a private commitment ceremony during a joint birthday party (both were born in late January), but the change in law sparked a change in plans.Shortly after, de Rossi debuted a dazzling marquis-cut diamond engagement ring on the red carpet, and the couple discussed their upcoming wedding.I was closeted and very, very afraid that if I talked about being gay, it would be the end of my career, so I wasn't about to date the most famous lesbian in the world."A couple years later, de Rossi fully realized the extent of her feelings while on a photoshoot with De Generes."I just walked over to say hello to her, and I couldn't believe it, but she turned around and it was like an arrow was shot through my heart," de Rossi recalled.But for Portia to leave Ellen for a man is the culmination of Ellen’s worst fears.”Portia has apparently fallen in love with one of her co-stars.Some reports suggest that Portia and Ellen have been facing issues for quite some time now and the latter was not very comfortable with Portia’s work.Buzz is that Rossi’s mystery man is her co-star Matthew Del Negro.Ellen is reportedly gearing up for a USD 220 million divorce.She has made me not worry about what other people think. She has taught me that who I am is perfectly good enough ...that I don't have to pretend to be anything other than who I am, and that's been the most incredible gift that she's given me that anyone could give to anybody that they love." that the entertainment industry can be difficult for children, who have to share their parents with the world.


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  2. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi look sweet in new snap posted on Instagram. Ellen DeGeneres shared a sweet photo on social media of her cuddling with.

  3. Today, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are perhaps the most iconic same-sex couple in Hollywood. This year, the host of Emmy-winning The Ellen DeGeneres

  4. Portia is a talented actress, best known for her roles in Arrested Development. The lovebirds first met at one public event. Later, de Rossi told Oprah Winfrey during her interview I knew Ellen was the one when I first laid eyes on her, but it took me three years to actually tell her how I felt about her. The stars started dating in 2004.

  5. It's indeed SHOCKING that Ellen DeGeneres and partner Portia De Rossi are separating! And the reason will only sadden Ellen fans. - $220 million divorce.

  6. Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres’ marriage has been a red hot topic of discussion on the internet. While Ellen has insisted that she and Portia are fine, stories surface every other day about a tumultuous marriage that is tearing at the seams.

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