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Your Digital Trail: Private Company Access (Daniel Zwerdling, NPR, 10-1-13) Data we voluntarily provide online such as on dating websites may not stay with that site.While not always obvious, websites commonly allow other companies to track user behavior.Is Genesis Toys recording children's voices and what they say, without parental knowledge or consent?

Similarly, news organizations should protect their readers by implementing HTTPS on their own sites.

Although the court ultimately affirmed the conviction based on the good-faith exception, the court also introduced a new and significant limit on border searches. Europe's new privacy law will change the Web, and more (Nitasha Tiku, Business, Wired, 3-18-18) On May 25, 2018, a European privacy law starts restricting "how personal data is collected and handled. Everything you need to know about a new EU data law that could shake up big US tech (Arjun Kharpal, CNBC, 3-30-18) "When it comes to user data, consumers will have more control. One UK businessman wins legal action to force removal of search results about past conviction; the other businessman doesn't. (Rebecca Heilweil, Forbes, 3-24-18) While 88% of Americans support this so-called right-to-be-forgotten, the prospects of similar legislation or court decision in the U. Privacy Journal (Robert Ellis Smith's newsletter on personal privacy, online and elsewhere)Privacy.

The rule, called General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, focuses on ensuring that users know, understand, and consent to the data collected about them. Neither will forcing users to click yes in order to sign up." Authors, Are You GDPR Ready? You will be able to access the personal data being stored by companies and find out where and for what purpose it is being used. This means you can ask whoever is controlling your data to erase it and potentially stop third parties processing it. R., Europes Tough New Data Law, Means for You (Adam Satariano, NY Times, 5-6-18) The law strengthens individual privacy rights and, more important, it has teeth. Scroogle, an ad-free Google search proxy that prevents the searcher's data being stored by Google (as explained on Technically Speaking Radio).

All it takes is a subpoena, which any attorney can do.

Former Nixon administration attorney John Dean and a North Carolina divorce lawyer warn that if you think you have nothing to hide, think again.


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