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Depreciation updating of values has errors sap

Please contact your SAP Consultant for the manual correction of the relevant tables.________________ *********************** Check the asset in ANLB and ANLC for any inconsistency between the two fields: ANLB-LGJAN is not equal to ANLC-GJAHR : In this case you need to run report RACORR96 to correct the inconsistency.

To manually install the depreciation area is a matter for consulting since there are tables which could be affected (ANLB, ANLC, ANEP, ANEA, COEPBR).AU083 Diagnosis The asset 000000220000-0000 is marked as incomplete.The asset was created by someone who did not Hi Experts, I am doing Asset Year End Closing T code AJAB so system give error: Asset is incomplete and has to be completed Message no.Procedure You can add the necessary specifications using the master data change transaction and the needed asset view. Regards, Jemes Hi Krishna, regarding AU083 please see if the following link is helpful: Re: missing asset acountant view / year-end closing Do not hesitate if you have further questions.regards Bernhard Edited by: Bernhard Kirchner on Dec 15, 2010 AMGo to See the other 7 answers Hi Experts, I am doing Asset Year End Closing T code AJAB so system give error: Asset is incomplete and has to be completed Message no.The error is often raised when you go into transaction AS91/AS92 but also in transaction AW01N for example.Please check which depreciation areas you have activated in table ANLB and ANLC and then go to table T082AVIEWB and change the authority to 2.This document should help you to find the root cause of Error AA698.From an Asset Accounting point of view the most common causes for Error AA698 in various FI-AA transactions are the following: ________________ *********************** In most cases the error message AA698 is caused by inconsistencies in table T082AVIEWB for view 0 (internal view generated automatically) where there is no authorization for one or several depreciation area(s).Depreciati[More] Hi, While executing transaction AJAB (year end closing AA) the system, the system issues a message "Transactions not completely periodically posted". Then the source of[More] Hi, In 2009 MX40 assets 14000021 was impaired, the December 09 depreciation was booked as 1.54, but when I impaired this I put the December 31,2009 instead of putting 1-1-2010, and when Tom run AJAB job to close the MX40 sub ledger it shows error[More] Dear All, My client ( using ECC5) run AJAB via background, however there are error message "FGV004 : SYS: Date . But unfortunately some of the Asset value had not been transferred[More] Hi, How to use the Run Operating system command after message processing option in the parameters tab of the file receiver adapter.The detailed message is AU075 "Asset balance sheet values not completely posted". Y 2014 is ope[More] Hi, I excute Tcode AJAB to close Fiscal year of 2008 for FI-AA but i get this error : " Depreciation Area number 31 is already closed for Fiscal year 2008 " Please how to solve this ? I am working on a scenario wherein a batch file needs to be invoked after the file is written on the file system.


  1. Hi Experts, I'm trying to import ITM7 template by DTW and it returns the following error message "242000115 - Asset class has not changed, you can not add.

  2. AJAB - Depreciation/updating of values has errors. CategoryDefault Release time-0001-11-30 Views130. Dear All, While executing Tcode AJAB, getting error "RI01 000005000000-0000 Depreciation/updating of values has errors" Describing my Problem, F. Y 2013 & 2014 is open for Asset Accounting.

  3. So for this asset I donu2019t have any depreciation posted in 2011 and no values in depreciation book, for the asset, meaning that even if I change the depreciation calculation start date for, it will still be necessary to run depreciation in Dec.2010.

  4. Fiscal Year Change AJRW & Year-End. no errors during the calculation of depreciation. from the depreciation areas to be posted has been.

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