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But you’re not just floating about, hoping that something nice will drift your way inadvertently.

You have the power to draw energy to you at will by locking on to its frequency. We’re conditioned to look at our reality and draw our conclusions from what we see.

Your feelings give you valuable feedback about your thoughts.

The closer your thoughts are to the frequency of what you want, the better you’ll feel.

In fact, she’s used the Law of Attraction in her own life to lose 100 pounds, find a way to travel the world, work only when she’s inspired, and enjoy true happiness on a daily basis.

We’ve pretty much all heard the phrase “You create your own reality”. We like the idea of being able to control our reality, of not just leaving it all up to fate.

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You would not look at the dog and conclude that it’s simply incapable of sitting or following a command. I guess robotic output.” If the output isn’t what you want, you go back and fix the input – you fine tune your code.Your thoughts actually have frequencies, and you can match a thought’s frequency to the vibration of what you want.Transmit at the exact frequency of what you want, and it will be drawn to you.If your thoughts are going to lead to the desired outcome, you’ll experience positive emotion.If there are still bugs in the system, if you’re going to get a malfunctioning robotic dog, you’ll feel negative emotion.You know there’s something off in your code, because the fabulous woman of your dreams isn’t there with you right now. Now, you’re not just going to have one positive or negative thought about having a girlfriend, and this is where it can get a bit tricky.The idea is to figure out what thoughts and beliefs you currently have about this subject, isolate the ones that aren’t serving you and change them to thoughts that feel better. You may think that you have perfect control of your fantasies, but your current vibration will come through.You have a built in feedback system, kind of like a testing program, which is looking for the bugs in your code.This feedback comes to you in the form of your emotions.Melody has a wealth of experience from managing multi-million dollar restaurants in San Francisco, to working as a dealer in several Las Vegas casinos, to selling fiber optic network components in Germany, to running a Global IT service center for a large multi-national corporation in Spain.In her blog, she explains the Law of Attraction in a no-nonsense, pragmatic way.


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