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Dating initial attraction last

The problem is that I respect and care about him so much, but I'm not physically attracted to him.

All of my girl friends I've talked to about this have thrown up their arms at that point and told me not to even bother; if I'm not attracted to him physically, it's a lost cause.

Thanks for any advice you can give or past articles you could point me to. The attraction question seems to be coming up a lot lately! I guess my first question back to you would be, "Is this about how he looks or how he acts? " I believe that men tend to be more swayed by whether they like the way a woman looks, while women, generally speaking, base attraction on what a man is like — his personality.

And a guy with a great personality can become attractive to a woman as she grows in friendship with him.

We examined if attachment insecurity influenced initial romantic attraction in the actor and partner, and whether effects were moderated by culture.

Participants (n = 93 heterosexual participants, 42 of Western ancestry and 51 of Chinese ancestry) completed a measure of attachment and subsequently completed a speed-dating session.

But so many people have told me that either you have this physical/sexual attraction or you don't, and if it's not there now, it never will be.

Is there enough between you — in the form of friendship and mutual enjoyment and respect — to give love a chance to develop? I wasn't completely attracted to Steve when we first met.

He didn't have "the look" I always imagined myself with, though I thoroughly enjoyed being with him and was eager to grow in friendship from the start.

And the more I grew to know him, the more attractive he became.

The pan-cultural applicability of attachment and romantic attraction is discussed, with particular focus on the extent to which attachment influences romantic attraction across cultures.

Before I found Boundless, I had already started a "buddy" relationship with one of my best guy friends.


  1. It's encouraging to know that for you and Steve, it took some work and some specific changes in your appearance to foster that attraction. I know that I'm not the "dream girl" he always imagined dating, but he likes other things about me and is willing to overlook my flaws, so I should do the same for him.

  2. Dating Advice How Important Is. How important would you girls say physical attraction is in a relationship. Looks can only last so long.

  3. Are you an ISFP or dating. Know more about them as we discuss the ISFP relationship compatibility with other personality types. As the initial attraction.

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  5. A guy meets a girl he likes. He starts talking to her, and there's electricity in the air. Attraction. He can tell she likes him. A lot, even.

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