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Hebrew has the letter that begins Gods name, and Jerusalems and Judeas and Joshuas and Jesuss and Julians, be the smallest one of all, and be the letter that means hand, yod.And another letter means the palm of ones hand, kaph.Already, at St Victor in Paris, intense study of both Greek and Hebrew texts had been taking place, noted in Beryl Smalley, The Study of the Bible in the Middle Ages (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1978), and Adam Eastons writings are clearly influenced, as are Julians, by such Victorine Greek and Hebrew exegesis early in his career.Two recent writers on Adam Easton, Margaret Harvey and Andrew Lee, assume that Adam came to Hebrew studies late when serving in the Papal Curia in Avignon and they discuss his assiduous work in translating the whole Bible from Hebrew into Latin, correcting Jerome's version, meeting with four Jewish scholars and a Jewish interpreter for this work.But in his he tells Pope Urban VI that he has already been studying Hebrew for twenty years, dating these studies back to his Oxford days. Adam Easton came back again to Norwich, in 1367-1368, and at the same time that Julian perhaps was writing the Westminster Cathedral Manuscripts original version at 25, Master Adam Easton returned again to England and Norwich that same year, with a letter from Pope Urban V to Edward III, dated, . Adam Easton, as with Jerome to Paula and Eustochium, likely shared with Julian his Hebrew lore.

There is another, the Hebraic, which excessively overdoes itself when becoming the Kabbalah, but which naturally sees God as creating us marvellously by his Word, all that is created being so created by a sacred alphabet, the Atomic Chart of Elements, our genetic coding, the Fibonacci curves of natural forms, the functioning of the brain in tandem, in synapses, with the hand, the eye, which is tangible, concrete.CLXXXXII/II, now Cambridge, St John's College, 216 (I.10), and also Eastons schoolboy manuscripts on time, originally written in Norwich.We learn elsewhere that he also owned Cohen's Hebrew Grammar.Hebrew Law forbids the representation of God, except by a hand (yad, yod, hand, the smallest letter, the number 10) in the sky, but the Hebrew Bible very much shapes God in our image, with a face, with arms, with hands, with fingers, with human body parts.Hebrew mysticism is paradoxically rooted in the Incarnation, of the Word as flesh and blood, with simple things we see and taste, with mem (40,600), water, and nun (50,700), fish, that God's Word is in all Creation. Blessed art thou Lord, King of the Universe, who has made us holy by Thy Commandments and bidst us light these Sabbath lights.Indeed, the Jews in the major English cities were required to keep the documentation concerning the loans they made, shetar, in archae, chests, punning on the Ark of the Law.Norwich's Cathedral was largely built from such loans.I came to suspect that she was of Jewish ancestry but I could not go to Norwich for many years to investigate whether there were conversi to Christianity who remained in that city after King Edward I had banished all Jews from England in 1290.In 2005, I was finally able to sit in Norwich's Library with their copy of V. Lipman's The Jews of Medieval Norwich (London: Jewish Historical Society, 1967), in front of me, taking copious notes, particularly on the conversi who remained in England and in Norwich following that expulsion.There were 96 such converts, of whom 44 were men and 52 women. Margaret, their daughter, though born of a Christian mother, was a Jewess and could write a shetar or receipt in Hebrew. The bases (of this entrance door) have vertical nicks about 1 inches apart inside the concave moulding . He it was who probably built the 17th century addition to the south, calling it Paston House in memory of his first wife.One of these, in 1308, too early for our Julian (1342-circa 1416), is even named 'Juliana of Norwich' (Lipman, p. Their son, Isaac, the wealthiest Jew of the thirteenth century, was caricatured in the tallage roll given above. exhibits the usual method of entrance to a Norman building which was by a covered staircase leading to a door on the first floor. Finding the old porch in the way, he destroyed all except the fragment shown. 1945I came to Julian studies, as it were, through a back door, first working with Birgitta of Sweden whose initial spiritual directors and editors of her Revelationes had been Bishop Hemming of bo and Magister Mathias, who had studied Hebrew under the misogynist Jewish convert, Nicholas of Lyra, in Paris, and who translated the Bible for Birgitta from Hebrew into Swedish.


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  2. St Clement's future was secured after redundancy in curious circumstances. The lease was taken on by Jack Burton, a local Methodist minister, on behalf of the Norwich Transport Workers trade union, partly with the intention of its use as a chapel.

  3. The omens were favourable from the start. He was the only child of the society beauty Lady Diana Cooper and the highly accomplished diplomat, politician and philanderer Alfred Duff Cooper — good looks, brains and roguish charm were his by inheritance. For a youthful John Julius Cooper who wou

  4. Norwich / ˈ n ɒ r ɪ dʒ /, also / ˈ n ɒ r ɪ tʃ / listen is a city on the River Wensum in East Anglia and lies approximately 100 miles 161 km north-east of London.

  5. Pottery in archaeology Introduction. The following is a basic introduction to pottery in archaeology, focusing particularly on the ceramics of the medieval period.

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