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Dating currier amp ives prints

Endangered Species Certain property sold at auction, for example, items made of or incorporating plant or animal materials such as coral, crocodile, ivory, whalebone, tortoiseshell, rhinoceros horn etc., irrespective of age or value, may require a license or certificate prior to exportation and additional licenses or certificates upon importation to another country.Sotheby's suggests that buyers check on their government wildlife import requirements prior to placing a bid.

Sotheby's offers a comprehensive shipping service to meet all of your requirements.Sotheby's will contact your shipper within 24 hours of receipt of the Bill of Lading to confirm the date and time that your property can be collected.Property will not be released without this confirmation and your shipper must bring the same Bill of Lading that was faxed to Sotheby's when collecting.In response to your inquiry, we are pleased to provide you with a general report of the condition of the property described above.Since we are not professional conservators or restorers, we urge you to consult with a restorer or conservator of your choice who will be better able to provide a detailed, professional report. All content, images, and intellectual property on this site protected by digital watermark technology.Compile info: #PHP ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql \ --with-apache=../apache_1.3.14 \ --enable-track-vars --enable-debug #Apache ./configure \ --activate-module=src/modules/php4/libphp4.a \ --enable-module=php4 \ --prefix=/usr/local/apache Backtrace: (gdb) run -X Starting program: /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -X (no debugging symbols found)...Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x401370b9 in chunk_free (ar_ptr=0x401cbd60, p=0x882322e0) at malloc.c:3094 3094 malloc.c: No such file or directory.I am posting a sample script that will generate the segmentation fault but as far as I can tell it only happens intermittently Well after spending several more hours with this segmentation fault problem I *NOW* think that the problem is in the wordwrap function.If I take out the wordwrap on the results from the DB I can't generate the seg fault.(gdb) bt #0 0x401370b9 in chunk_free (ar_ptr=0x401cbd60, p=0x882322e0) at malloc.c:3094 #1 0x40136fba in __libc_free (mem=0x82322e8) at malloc.c:3023 #2 0x80cdaec in _efree () #3 0x80d80e4 in _zval_dtor () #4 0x80d3c4f in destroy_op_array () #5 0x80d3b69 in destroy_zend_function () #6 0x80dba77 in zend_hash_clean () #7 0x80dbbbf in zend_hash_apply () #8 0x80d2618 in shutdown_executor () #9 0x80d8a87 in zend_deactivate () #10 0x807b59d in php_request_shutdown () #11 0x80797ea in sapi_apache_send_headers () #12 0x81029ae in ap_run_cleanup () #13 0x81011dd in ap_clear_pool () #14 0x8101251 in ap_destroy_pool () #15 0x81011cc in ap_clear_pool () #16 0x811099f in ap_child_terminate () #17 0x8110f3c in ap_child_terminate () #18 0x8111099 in ap_child_terminate () #19 0x81116c6 in ap_child_terminate () #20 0x8111e53 in main () #21 0x400f59cb in __libc_start_main (main=0x8111b0c I started taking code out of my script to reduce its complexity while maintaining the occasional segmentation faults.The session code is gone and the segmentation faults still happen every now and then.


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