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No destination in the United States is ranked higher than 74th.Keep in mind, however, that comparing the best travel destinations by price is extremely relative.First, we had to decide which destinations to include.Although Sleepy Eye, Minnesota may be a cheap place to travel for fellow Minnesotans, how many people actually visit Sleepy Eye each year? For that reason, we limited inclusion to Euromonitor International’s 100 most popular travel destinations in the world for 2017, as determined by international visitors.When searching for cheap places to travel, numerous factors come into play – including your proximity to the destination and the time of year you plan to visit.Seemingly cheap vacation spots can quickly turn into budget busters if you don’t account for every expense. Let me assure you, we haven’t taken this project lightly.Searching for the cheapest places to travel in 2018? Finding the most affordable travel destinations can be frustrating.To get the best travel deals, it typically takes hours of time-consuming research – including comparing hotels, finding cheap flights, and considering your meal options.

Prague is the most affordable European destination, although it barely cracks the top 35 overall.

For example, flights from New York City to most Asian destinations can cost 2 or 3 times as much as they do to Europe.

Keep this in mind before settling on a destination for your next vacation.

Since everybody’s travel style is different, we also needed to determine which factors best represented the overall cost of a destination.

Average food and beverage costs became an important factor in our rankings, as we feel they are indicative of an area’s overall affordability.


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