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Date arianeb dating simulator walkthrough

Basically we are projecting our image and the black frame onto a spherical wall.

Then a subject matter that is positioned front and center.

After experimenting, I found a 1280×720 picture in a 3000×3000 black frame is a fair compromise.

So we take the two png files and use our photo editing software to create a 3000×3000 black image with our picture centered in the middle.

Once rendered, this is going to be your “right eye” image. To make the left eye, take the “yaw” angle (x-axis spin) and subtract 5 degrees, then adjust the x-axis camera position to re-center the main subject, and render again. Oculus Go’s 3D 180 view assumes that the left eye and right eye information contains full 180 degree spherical view.

Most 3D rendering programs like Poser and Daz Studio, do not have a way to do this natively, so you have to do multiple renders and stitch them together with panorama maker software like Hugin, but that is outside of the scope of this tutorial, as that takes hours maybe days to create and still might turn out wrong. Since the left, right, up and down views of the 180 degree view don’t exist, we are just going to frame our image in a square black window.


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