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Correctly dating a beuscher alto sax

As far as the playability of the instrument after the overhaul is concerned, installing pads with shellac facilitates more precise leak removal.

With shellac it is possible to heat the cup and adjust the pads for a near perfect seal.

Having found (created really) a pad that is clearly superior to anything available, we offer the option of Roo Pads to players who use Buescher saxophones.

Back to articles When re-padding a Buescher saxophone, one has to decide what type of pad to install.

The choice of pad and installation method is the subject of many debates among Buescher players, collectors and technicians.

A Buescher that has its snaps removed is less valuable than one with the Snaps and spuds intact. Many players that use Bueschers, and to a greater extent collectors, feel that the Snaps and spuds are an integral part of the sound and feel of a Buescher saxophone.

Removing the snaps and spuds will lessen these players' perception of how the instrument will play and may change how the instrument actually plays.


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