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Chinese dating sites review

This site was recommended by a friend who wanted me to get back in the dating game.Although I hesitated at first, Im not stopping now.Couldn't get my account to work after i forgot my password,so i contacted the customer service and they helped to resolve this problem within just a few hours.Customer servce in most other online dating sites is usually dead,so i was pleasantly surprised!

Also be aware that the site wants you to book a date, this cost about 0 US, but it does not guarantee a meeting and you dont get money back, also the agencies send call requests, but it is not the lady talking it is the agencies.

I know a foreigner who is dating a total stunner, but he's actually really famous.

Other successful foreigners (in business) here are not so lucky.

So if you're really into Chinese women, I would suggest you come here to try your luck.

As a foreigner, you'll always have a little bonus when it comes to dating, but it won't go as far as it maybe used to 10 or 20 years ago.


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