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Operating under the name Mid West Marketing Group, Messrs.

Charbonneau and Helfrick allegedly told interested parties they could finance up to ten 1-900 lines each.

“The charity under question is the John Paul II Catholic Bible School Foundation,” Foss said last week.

“The media is accusing Bishop Roy of investing money from the Foundation into the (telephone chat line) scam.” Bishop Roy teaches at the school and is also the head of the Roman Catholic Church in St. According to Foss, he is also one of the key players in the Foundation. We have never seen the objectives of the Foundation.” From what Foss knew about the charity, it has been set up to raise funds for the construction of a new school. Paul, Father Lavasseur said last week that the Diocese is not involved in the investment in any way, and that they were all totally surprised when news of this questionable investment came to light. We are supposed to receive a letter from the Bishop to verify what is happening.” Bishop Roy left town when CFRN starting questioning him at the beginning of last week. Paul on Monday and when the Journal asked him about the investment he commented, “Everything’s under control; I have nothing to add.” Foss said that there were two other people involved with the Bible school Foundation, Father Tetu, who is Bishop Roy’s driver (according to Foss), and Stan Kroetch from Waskateneau.

The story began at the end of February when the Alberta Securities Commission issued an investor alert about a company selling profit-sharing investments in adult entertainment telephone chat lines.

Paul Roman Catholic Church has been accused of investing a large amount of money into a telephone chat line scam, but no one is saying a word.

“They know they have invested either into an adult conversation line or a psychic line.” ______________________________ A pay-telephone promotion collapses in ruin, taking with it a Catholic bequest The St. The latest proof comes from Paul Deni Charbonneau and Brian Lee Helfrick, two Edmonton business­men who are believed to have talked some $ 10 million out of 866 investors, many from rural Alberta, in a phoney phone-sex promotion.

The investors ranged from self-employed businessmen to a “liberal, money-hungry” Catholic bishop who reportedly lost 0,000 from a foundation for the John Paul II Bible School in Radway. Charbonneau was jailed in Montana two weeks ago attempting to enter the U. with fake identification, and the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) and RCMP are currently investigating the affair.

Your call will be answered by an Operator who will direct your call to Police, Fire or Ambulance. Dial 780-423-4567 or #377 (#377 access only works within city limits) When to call #377: The following can be reported at your nearest police station: Please visit our Police Station Locations to find the closest police station to you and times of operation.To report a crime online, please use our Online Crime Reporting service. The company, Edmonton-based Mid West Marketing Group, has ties to St.“There should be a number of people in your backyard who would be interested in hearing about this,” Commission Director Charles Blakey said last week.Blakey has a list of the approximately 850 investors who bought into Mid West Marketing Group, but he is not making them public at this time.Mid West would charge ,100 per line, and, according to a Mid West “income projections” sheet, reap big profits.Just three calls a day would result in a ,750 annual return per line, while 40 calls a day would earn 5,000 annually.Blakey says that he is currently phoning and sending letters to many of the investors of the Mid West Marketing Group, to find out what they know about the company and their investment.“There are two things I’ve heard so far,” says Blakey. 10) If something seems too good to be true, goes the saying, it probably is.This means the people involved in the company will be summoned before the commission to answer a series of questions.Paul Charbonneau is said to be in custody at a jail in the United States.


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