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However, the names of the planets have been included in wording for IAU resolutions multiple times since the IAU's founding and these names can be considered formally adopted by the IAU membership.While there are cultural names for the planets and Earth's satellite in other languages, there are classic names for the major planets and Moon which appear in English language IAU resolutions and the IAU Style Manual (which was approved by an IAU resolution in 1988).

Such decisions and recommendations are not enforceable by any national or international law; rather they establish conventions that are meant to help our understanding of astronomical objects and processes.

The names of the major planets were already in common use when the IAU formed in 1919 (e.g.

scientifically, in professional and amateur astronomy literature, in nautical almanacs, etc.).

While the IAU is willing to help to achieve a minimum degree of orthographic consistency as regards astronomical terms, it cannot undertake to do so for all languages, nor is it in the power of the IAU to enforce the application of any such conventions.

If a name is difficult to spell or pronounce, it may not be the best choice for use on maps and in presentations.


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