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Canadian hookup portals

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The United States have long been a dream working destination for university graduates from all over the world: international brands from Goldman to Google, elite universities from Harvard to Stanford, as well as exciting cities from New York to San Francisco pose a certain allure for young academics who are job hunting.But if you consider working the first recommended step is to check your eligibility for obtaining a work permit, which can be done using a simple questionnaire available at Canada’s Government website.Though not the only and decisive criterion, a job offer from a Canadian employer prior to the visa application is usually an important requirement to obtain a permit.However, the gruesome election race that has resulted into Donald Trump being voted as President of the United States has left slight scratch marks in that image, shining a spotlight on its North American neighbour Canada.The Canadian Immigration website crashed after Donald Trump was annouced the winner, Google searches for “Moving to Canada” spiked.The detailed information on the rules and regulations within this area, the estimated application processing times as well as practical advice for those considering moving to Canada can be found on the websites of the Government of Canada.USA There is no official language in the United States, though, with 80%, English is the most commonly spoken one.Canada Although there exist several exceptions (e.g.students, who need a study permit instead), as a rule, foreigners need a work permit to work in Canada.A type of visa, which enables you to travel to the United States for the purposes of living and working in the country, with the possibility of qualifying for US citizenship after five years’ residence, is called “immigrant visa”.Two visas popular among young people are F-1 (study visa) and J-1 (exchange visitor visa).


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