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Model-turned-supporting and occasional leading actress Julianne Phillips is best remembered for playing Frankie on the offbeat NBC series Sisters (1991-1996) and for having been married to pop superstar Bruce Springsteen between 19.Phillips first appeared in the made-for-television movie Summer Fantasy (1984).Businessman Arthur J Kelly says wife of 17 years Anne has been carrying on an affair with Bruce Springsteen, according to a complaint filed in the Monmouth County, New Jersey Superior Court.

3 The young Springsteen was obsessed with the Beatles.That girl, he says, “was a sweet blonde who I believe was the first gal I had successful intercourse with one fumbling afternoon at chez mama (though due to the fog of war, I can’t be absolutely sure).” Springsteen’s father was a troubled man.He held a series of blue collar jobs and suffered from depression.“My dad would go so far as to explain to me that love songs on the radio were part of a government ploy to get you to marry and pay taxes.” It was young Bruce’s mother who rented his first guitar for him (they couldn’t afford to buy one) after Bruce saw Elvis on Ed Sullivan in 1956. Naturally, Bruce defended his mother in any problem with his father. Springsteen describes her as “tall, blond, educated, talented, a beautiful and charming young woman.” He proposed to her just six months after they started dating. They’d know each other casually over the years — encountering each other for the first time when 17-year-old Patti answered an ad Springsteen put in the Asbury Park Press looking for a singer. After he finished recording “The River,” the Boss needed a breather. it was the ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.” He wasn’t the type to go the the hippest clubs and make the scene. The anxiety, moods and depression never left entirely. .” And he also experienced lengthy periods when almost anything would set him into uncontrollable weeping. “Following our wedding,” he reveals, “I was struck by a series of severe anxiety attacks . He was hanging around in Los Angeles and got an invitation to visit the Playboy Mansion. “For me,” he explains, “it wasn’t the sex, it wasn’t the drugs . “I didn’t really think I was that different from my fans except for some hard work, luck and natural ability at my gig. but a part of me always wished on occasion I hadn’t followed them so severely.” After Springsteen bought his first house — a small cottage in the Hollywood Hills once owned by actor Sidney Toller, who played Charlie Chan in the movies — he experienced what he calls “an event . And not long after Springsteen turned 60, he experienced depression that lasted for a year and a half. He reveals he’s been taking antidepressants for the last 12 to 15 years. “the worst of my destructive behavior curtails itself and my humanity returns.” After the Bruce and Patti had children (Evan, Jessica and Sam), he says he still kept “musician’s hours” — to bed at 4 a.m. That worked when the kids were little; he could take the nighttime-parent shift. “I’d routinely and roughly failed perfectly fine women,” he writes. “Two years inside of any relationship and it would all simply stop. I also had (shades of my pop) paranoid delusions that scared me.” Then, Julianne was away, filming on location and Bruce was back in Jersey — Patti Scialfa had already joined the E Street Band. Plus he talks about the girl who inspired “Rosalita.” Here are eight facts he reveals in his book that will surprise some of his biggest fans.While Springsteen says Sandy in “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” is a composite of girls he’d known down the Jersey Shore, he is more specific about the girl behind “Rosalita,” which he calls his “musical biography.” When he was a teen, he had a girlfriend whose mother threatened to get a court injunction to keep him away from her daughter.


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