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Brittany binger and grady sizemore still dating

The setting for many is a bathroom with Sizemore using a cell phone to take pictures of himself into a mirror.

By now, it’s pretty routine: pro athlete becomes a star; pro athlete signs an enormous contract; pro athlete gets the girl.

It is not known how many sites are complying with the request.

As of early this afternoon the pictures were still posted along with MLB's request from its Department of Investigation to remove them.

"It's now a legal matter that is under investigation.

I can't say anything more."A baseball official, speaking on condition of anonymity because no statements had been authorized, told The Associated Press that MLB officials have been contacting the Web sites that posted the photos and have been asking them to take down the pictures.

The posted photos were stolen from his girlfriend's e-mail account and a legal investigation is under way." The Web site posted at least 15 pictures of Sizemore.

He's fully dressed in some, wearing only underwear in others and all but nude in others.


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