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Bollywood dating indian friends bollywood friends you look so intimidating

Rani travels to Paris for her honeymoon after her fiancé deserts her and refuses to marry her.She finds a friend in Vijaya who builds her confidence and later in Amsterdam, the coy girl shares a room with three men in a hostel and the friendship she shares with them is liberating for her.The story of Rancho, Raju and Farhan is so touching yet so funny, we can't help but watch this one again and again.

Some movies explore friendship from unusual angles, some depict what we experience everyday.I'm sure everyone is sick and tired of hearing how Bollywood movies have been duplicated or inspired by Hollywood movies.But did you know that this happens the other way around as well?He is deaf and mute but talented and becomes a cricketer because of the hard work his sister puts in. Story of two refugees from Bangladesh who strive to build a life for themselves in India, together.They face several hardships but stick together until the end when they choose to die together, instead of living behind bars.Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra succeeded in adapting the story of India's freedom fighters in contemporary time by telling the story of a group of friends who decide to raise their voice against the injustice of the Indian army for the sake of their friend.They choose to die bravely for their friend which has brought tears in our eyes time and again.Three friends who stick together no matter what are separated forever because of communalist forces. There's regret and a realisation that friendship is a bigger force in our lives than religion or politics.An aspiring cricketer and his sister dream of making him play cricket despite financial hurdles.Plots for both movies are fairly similar and the only difference between the two movies was that . A bubbly, highly-talkative girl on her way to propose to her boyfriend meets a stranger and shares a hotel room with him.They fall in love, get separated but eventually re-unite and get married.


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