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But It’s hard to describe just how lucky I feel having you to share it with. #inspired Wow I can’t believe how quickly the tickets to ‘IGNITE’ are selling!😱 I’m honestly always so thankful for the support you all show me and the boys.Recently, technology has put a dent in old fashioned romance.So now we’re looking to restore the dancefloor desire through one single dance," Channel 4 tease.Before each unique date, the show will take two complete strangers and teach them one half of a fully choreographed dance routine which has been cleverly tailored to illustrate their personalities and what they want from a prospective partner.The singles will learn their routine separately so that the first time they meet their match will be a first date like no other.Words cannot describe the feeling of seeing your future come into this world."I'm so proud of mum and baby, both are doing absolutely amazing and Naomi, you are a super woman.

Been so flat out filming recently that I haven’t had a chance to take it all in!Huge congratulations to a lovely young man @Jordan_Banjo I was his 'Mum' in the Jungle @imacelebrity 😃.😘 Jordan, you will be a superb father ... The show will see self-confessed romantic Ashley Banjo, play cupid using his skills as Britain’s best loved choreographer to bring people together through the art of dance."In days gone by the dancefloor was the ultimate place to meet your other half.I can’t even imagine what Saffie’s family and others affected by the Manchester attack have been through. Someone spoke on Diversity's behalf & said they would charge £££thousands to appear at #Saffies Partyinthe Park, Ashley heard about it, sorted it out & they are appearing free of charge.So if us being there makes the slightest difference... I hope #manchester people will support this lovely, positive event twitter.com/Remember Saffie…I met my wife dancing; we really connected and got to know each other in dance class."There was a chemistry that I don’t think would have been created sitting across from each other at a table and just talking…I want to bring a bit of old-fashioned romance back to dating – the magic that can be created without a word being spoken…But when I stop and think about it all 😱🙏🏼 I Can’t wait for you to see Flirty Dancing on @Channel4 what a summer it’s been so far...There’s still time to apply 😉😄 #flirtydancing pic.twitter.com/R0W8Mf Oxz2 We’re still looking for SINGLE MEN who can shake a leg or two for our new @channel4 show with @Ashley Banjo !!Ashley Banjo said, “Dance exposes your true self – you can’t hide behind words or an outfit…Back in the good old days, three quarters of people met their partners on a dancefloor.


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