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And liquidating

One employee told Business Insider that stores were told they would close as soon as all of the merchandise was sold.

Consider leasing what you need instead of buying and using valuable cash.Cash flow is the process of money moving in and out of your business.This happens daily, although you may not put much thought into it unless it's time to close out the month or review your files with your accountant during tax season.If you are already working with a provider, negotiate your rates by providing them with details on what their competitors are charging.This can be a quick way to lower the fees your business has to pay every time you accept a credit card payment."Based on the best available information, the company believes that your employment will be terminated on May 14, 2018." The letter states that employees will be paid through May 14 but will not receive severance.Toys R Us declined to comment on specific dates for store closures and sales.At a minimum, you should know at the end of every day what you are owed and what you have to pay in the coming weeks.Having this kind of visibility into your business finances can help you prepare for and be able to quickly adjust to unexpected situations that may cost money you didn't plan on spending.Pick one or two of these methods to give your small business a money makeover that will make your business more efficient and profitable over the long term.For more ideas on how you can improve your small business finances, review these simple money management practices that can help you form better financial habits on a daily basis.


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