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Later seasons, however, depicted them as much closer and, while still dysfunctional, more loving and attentive, with Fry's father treating him harshly to ensure he grew up tough.

He remains frozen until the last day of the year 2999.He also has strong feelings for Leela, although he lacks the intelligence required for articulating his emotions; thus, for most of the series his love remains (sometimes coldly) unrequited, though not entirely without hope.She does occasionally return his interest throughout the series, and in the movie Into the Wild Green Yonder she admits to loving him back.Despite his laziness, Fry has also exhibited remarkable bravery and self-sacrifice on occasion and has even displayed flashes of stagnant intelligence.Also, despite his laziness and clumsy behavior, Fry has proved to be a competent fighter in "Law and Oracle" and "Fun on a Bun", the latter episode showing that Fry is skilled enough to hold his own against Leela in direct physical combat.Nibbler's race, the Nibblonians, dub him "The Mighty One".Through prediction (on the eve of 1999, as the Nibblonians lack the ability to travel through time), they guessed that Fry would be the one to save the world from the evil Brainspawn.Leela is Fry's main love interest, and his love for her provides a major plot line throughout the series.Fry first begins to show a serious interest in her from the second season onwards, although she constantly turns him down for other dates due to his immaturity, though she says that she loves his boyish charm.Due to a time-travel incident in "Roswell That Ends Well", he is his own grandfather.He can withstand the intellect-draining onslaught of the evil Brainspawn and is immune to the Dark One's mind-reading in Into the Wild Green Yonder as well as the mind-controlling power of the Hypnotoad.


  1. May 17, 2017. We devoted fans of Futurama are used to enduring long stretches of time. see that Fry is still easily amused, Leela still perpetually frustrated, Amy still. Jam City has yet to announce a hard date for when Futurama World of.

  2. Buy Futurama Season 3 Read 155 Movies & TV Reviews -. Fry realizes a lifelong dream by dating a Lucy Liu robot. TV-PGSubtitles and Closed.

  3. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

  4. Futurama Comics. Amy attends Mars University, which is partially owned by her parents. She went to. She was dating Fry at the time, and they soon broke up.

  5. May 15, 2018. Don't you worry about ranking Futurama, let us worry about blank. a love triangle storyline where Amy tells her parents she's dating Fry, while.

  6. I Dream of Amy By Fryfan. I don't own Futurama or any of its characters. Fry embarrassed Oh we're not dating, we're just friends. Amy embarrassed Yeah.

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