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Alexz johnson dating tim rozon

Many have speculated that she might be a lesbian or bisexual because of her failed relationship with her boyfriends. Over past 17 years, she has not only appeared in movies and TV shows but also sung several hit songs in her career.She began to pursue her acting career at the age of 11 although she always wanted to be a singer.Rumors suggest that they had started dating each other during the making of Johnson’s hit album Skipping Stone, which was co-produced by her then boyfriend, Jimmy Robbins.However, it is said their relationship could not last longer.She had played the lead role of Annie Thelen in the Disney Channel series .

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And surprisingly, he also co-owns two restaurants in Montreal, Canada namely Garde Manger, and Le Bremner along with Chuck Hughes and Kyle Marshall.Celebrities don’t seem to have much spare time out of their busy lifestyle, but Tim has other things to do beyond acting. His restaurant “Garde Manger” seems to have attended high level of customer satisfaction.Customers ofter regard Garde manger as the hippest restaurant in Montreal fo it's fine dining, beautiful cocktail, well-selected wine list and much more. I’m playing in a science fiction show based on a comic book.The 29-year-old actress has not been married and does not have a husband yet.It has been almost four years that there is no news of her dating any guy.So this is indeed a successful business for Tim, which obviously demands a lot of his time and efforts. “I was doing a series in Toronto and my business partner called me and said the place downstairs was for rent. Life is good.” Tim is in his forties, and he is still unmarried.I started at 14 years old working in the kitchen and moved to the front of the house, and I said, ‘I’m in. I don’t have time to be sad about not getting a part because I have a business to run. However, there was a usual enthusiasm from the public that he and his co-actress Alexz Johnson were in the relationship, but that also went trailing a wrong path.The net worth of Alexz Johnson has not been disclosed.But all you really need to know is that Tim plays Tommy Quincy, the producer of a teenaged singer-songwriter named Jude Harrison, who won an American Idol-like talent competition. Tim Rozon resides in Montreal where he co-owns a restaurant called Garde Manger with Canadian celebrity chef Chuck Hughes.singer, Johnson had been dating American musician and producer Jimmy Robbins back in 2012.


  1. We are going to put a spotlight upon Tim Rozon. History of Dating/Girlfriend and Married/Wife? Tim is in. that he and his co-actress Alexz Johnson were in.

  2. Tim Rozon's first major role was playing heartthrob, Tommy Quincy, opposite Alexz Johnson and Laura Vandevoort for four seasons on the teen drama.

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