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BTW, I was a Master Sergeant when I was running recon out of Phu Bai and Kontum.........................

Ringo From: Stgeorgegrpltd Mac has been telling me about this guy that claims to have been in SOG, that evidently has stirred the body public into a fervor of righteous indignation.

They and most civilians do not understand our pride and our brotherhood because they have never had to stand in the crucible and find where their heart is. That was awarded while I was assigned to Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Infantry at Ashaffenberg, Germany. And your next duty assignment when you left Germany? Was to proceed to the officer candidate school, 9th Battalion, at Fort Benning, Georgia in the United States Army Infantry Center. I delayed a week and began the class again and then had further medical complications. I remained in that duty assignment until approximately 4 July 1975, when I submitted the statement that you see and refused to continue my duties any further under the conditions described in my statement. I immediately went into a religious spiritual retreat for 45 days with my wife and close friends.

You know the ancient Danes had a group called the House Thralls, those who guarded the King and the JKingdom. I had recurrent malaria over the years a number of times. I was in Hawaii -- the duration of the assignment was until the end of April 1973; however, I did perform temporary duties at numerous places. I never entered the legal area of Vietnam after I was Medevaced or its contiguous waters excepting for plane refueling in Vietnam enroute from Thailand to Hawaii or vice-versa. After your assignment in Hawaii, where were you stationed? I had requested assignment to the National Military Command Center at the Pentagon some months in advance in anticipation of my rotation. I was discharged from the United States Army honorably. [Clarification and Addition: My response to this question on Lines 10 and 11 do not reflect the fact that this exact period, in "retreat" had been the subject of discussion in vastly more detail with your investigators.

have to make a correction to the Barry Toll info I sent you earlier.

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Therefore, you really need to get with the program and also, out of courtesy of those of us who spent most of our careers in Special Forces and worked for SOG, remove the SOG from your email address, and stop attempting to be someone you are not, nor ever will be qualified to be.

To falsely claim to be a Thrall was a adjudged to be a sin that required having ones tongue cut out and face branded with the rune of Loki. I was granted a top secret security clearance based upon a background investigation in 1969. After this happened, and after about 7 weeks and I would have to start the course entirely all over again, I had the opportunity, I thought, to reenter, rejoin former comrades of mine from Military Assistance Command, Studies and Observations Group, Command and Control Detachment in Kontum, former associates there. On the order of the Secretary of Defense on 24 hours notice, for example, in 1973, January through April, I replaced a critical need assignment to the Southeast Asian Treaty Organization and I flew to Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand and operated under the auspices of the embassy as a liaison to the counterpart of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Thai military who also happened to be the deputy commander to the Southeast Asian Treaty Organization. Did any of these TAD or TDY trips take you back to Vietnam? Initially, the assignment came through; however, I was diverted while on leave and was further assigned to the Headquarters, Atlantic Command, Commander-in-Chief Atlantic, with duty with the airborne command post located at Langely Air Force Base, Virginia. I believe the date of my discharge is 15 August 1975. I had conveyed to them that I believed I was the subject of intensive DIA or other intelligence Community surveillance at this location and for the entire period, August 1975 through Spring, 1976.

that of the Liar and Trickster, then banished from the land . They were forming up to begin a new unit controlled out of Okinawa, a joint task force advisory grout that continued to perform clandestine missions in Vietnam and the associated Southeast Asian area. However, because of my recurrent malaria, that was rejected and I was subsequently assigned in June of 1979 to the United States Army Hawaii Command at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, again as an infantry operations and intelligence specialist. This becomes pertinent in that the Sworn Affidavit you have received from Mr. Lawrence Wright clearly reflects independently his recollections that the DIA solicited assistance and information from him in early 1976, well after my discharge, regarding their loss of surveillance on me, and seeking his assistance as my Military Counsel as a Judge Advocate General attorney, to help "make me surface" so as to resume surveillance.

I assure you, John Kedenburg and people like him, would spit in your face for what you've done. And it insults those of us who were for real in the war. Now, I've added your asshole name to my Email Shield list to delete before downloading so I'll never have to hear from you again. I thought you were speaking of ultimately the 1975 discharge. Again, I had been awarded the MOS of infantry operations and intelligence specialist because, of course, I became a long-range reconnaissance volunteer and then became a long-range reconnaissance patrolmen, and that is the military occupational speciality associated with those duties, on the last half of my tour in Vietnam. And what enlisted grade did you reenter the Army at? They sent me a notice saying to come in for an evaluation in March. Toll appeared on the scene during the Senate Select Committee hearings, 1991 - 1993.

Meanwhile, I hope you waste lots of sleep gnashing your rotten teeth worrying about people like me who are for real. I just couldn't wait that long, so I began at that point to travel around and visit old friends. I subsequently never followed up my Veterans Administration claims for disability until 1990. Toll had served as an intelligence sergeant in the detachment that supported the national airborne command post at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia.


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