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Any kind of ticketing causing remarkable no-shows, such as but not limited to ; 2.8.Uncommitted Bookings Uncommitted Bookings are bookings not finalized with EOT (End of Transaction).In case of missing tax and missing commissions, minimum ADM fee might not be applied. Service Charge Sevice charge of 15 EUR will be applied for each and every final ADM once the dispute process is over.The following terms will be applied for the service charge: 1.6.Passive Booking: Non-active booking entered in the GDS to issue ticket for active booking originally hosted in the airline system Inactive Booking: Segments in PNR with status code PN, HX, UN, NO, SC, TK, UC, US or WK. Speculative /Fictitious Bookings ; ADM is issued / 35.-EUR flat fee to all booking practices listed in below will be collected. Duplicate Bookings ; A booking more than one reservation for the same passenger within one or more GDS created by the same agency The following bookings are considered duplicate bookings ADM is issued / 35.-EUR flat fee will be collected.Travel Service Provider: Agency or any entity booking the reservation on behalf of passenger. The same flight number on the same or different date. Different flight numbers for the same city pair for the same or for a different date.Turkish Airlines can apply below mentioned ADM amounts to all booking practices which are not applicable rules and workflow.

TIME LIMIT AND TICKETING RULES TURKISH AIRLINES REFERENCE GUIDE FOR ADM (Agency Debit Memo) PROCEDURES Dear Travel Partner, Turkish Airlines provides you this document about our ADM policy in an effort to take down your costs and efforts and to offer you the best possible service.

We would like you to know that our agencies’ satisfaction is our top priority.

Hence, we do our best to cut your ADMs as a result of reservations, ticketing and your other transactions via IT developments and by providing you comprehensive information. Time Limit to Issue ADM For IATA and ARC agencies, time limits determined by these institutions will be applied.

Following fee will be collected from the creator-owner /ticketing agencies.

Besides having an ADM , the agencies responsible for such abuses may also be blacklisted for using Turkish Airlines’ services ;such as availability display, booking and ticketing.


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